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Stomu Yamashta - Go Live
Space Song
Wind Spin
Ghost Machine
Surf Spin
Time is Here
Air Voice
Crossing The Line
Man of Leo
Space Requiem
Stomu Yamashta-string synthesizer, tympani, Mini Moog, Mini Korg, percussion, instruments sonores and des freres baschet
Rosko Gee - bass guitar
Klaus Schulze - Large Moog, ARP 2600 ARP Odyssey, EMS Synthi A and Farfisa Syntorchester
Michael Shrieve - drums
Steve Winwood - vocal, acoustic piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, port and guitar
Paul Buckmaster - woodwind, brass and string section arrangements
Al DiMeola - solo guitar
Julian Marvin - guitar and rhythm guitar
Other Musicians
Chris West - rhythm guitar in "Solitude", "Ghost Machine" and "Time Is Here"
String section (twelve violins, four violas, four cellos) in "Carnival", "Surf Spin" and "Time Is Here"
Woodwind section (oboe and piccolo) in "Solitude" and "Nature"
Brass section (tuba, two trumpets, two french horns) in "Man Of Leo" and "Carnival"
Pat Thrall - solo guitar and rhythm guitar in "Air Over" and "Crossing The Line"
Brother James - congas in "Ghost Machine" and "Winner/Loser"
Lennox Langton - congas in "Ghost Machine"
Bernie Holland - guitar in "Carnival"
(Karen Friedman,
Dari Lalou,
Casey Synge)
- backing vocals in "Man Of Leo", "Time Is Here" and "Crossing The Line"
Hisako Yamashta - violin and voice in "Space Song"